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Our demands are high in the development of new products. That is why we have created acoustic and lighting elements that have never existed before.

Acoustic Wallpaper 3in1

Acoustic Wallpaper 3in1 is a high tech material which offers 3 advantages in one product.

Less Noise

Acoustic Wallpaper 3in1 absorbs sound, it is certified with acoustics class A, the background noise in rooms becomes significantly more pleasant.

Unlimited Design

Acoustic Wallpaper 3in1 can be produced individually in any desired design, it has a particularly valuable feel and surface.

Long Life

The material is UV-, shock-, scratch- and water-resistant and therefore has an extremely long service life. It is extremely easy to work with and can be glued around corners, for example.
The adhesive used is colour-neutral fleece or glass fibre tape adhesive.

Acoustic Wallpaper 3in1 Modular Walls

Modular Acoustic Wallpaper Styles for endless possibilities to combine & individualize!

Acoustic Wallpaper 3in1 Modular Walls is a design solution for larger objects with acoustically demanding rooms.
The combination and individualisation of neutral backgrounds such as concrete, tiles, bricks, wood, metal or colours with attractive designs to suit your taste is unique.

The elements to combine: Concrete, tiles, metal, hole, graffiti, pics, letters, collums, stucco.

Skywindow light

The Skywindow is a light source that significantly enhances the feeling of well-being in rooms.
The ultra-flat LED design lamp simulates window views with a beautiful atmospheric daylight from which particularly dark room areas benefit.
Several Skywindow lights arranged side by side with a continuous picture motif can even show larger views. The image motifs can be easily changed in a few seconds via an inserted print.
They are mounted on the wall.

Skywindow light table

Your Life in a Light!

The Skywindow light “table” is a minimalist LED design lamp which gives you constant pleasure with your favourite motifs. The beautiful light paired with your photo is a real eye-catcher. Those who love variety can change the motifs in a few seconds.
Skywindow light table stands on 2 feet especially gladly on night and office tables, chests of drawers as well as sideboards.

The x curve

The x Curve is the first curved textile backlit light display.
Free-standing with a foot or with a fixed floor installation, the x curve can become a light source, an object or a printed styling world.
When the x curve becomes a room, the object illuminated on both sides attracts all eyes.

The x curve thus becomes a highlight in any interior project, providing spectacular shop-in-shop islands as well as unprecedented event appearances.

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