During a shopping experience, many people perceive noise as a disturbance. It makes individual communication more difficult and reduces the feeling of well-being when browsing and shopping.
Therefore the creation of pleasant room acoustics is an important factor for the design of your sales rooms and thus for the satisfaction and recommendation by your customers.
Acoustic Wallpaper 3in1 offers you the unique opportunity to create your own individual wall design, to create worlds of experience and to share your philosophy and culture.
Motivating pictures, photos, logos, CI emphasizing elements or simple wall materials such as concrete, wood, bricks as well as all colours are possible.
Acoustic Wallpaper 3in1 offers additional wall protection where walls are heavily loaded, for example entrances, stairwells and changing rooms.
Whether department store, shopping mall, specialist shop, outlet or pop-up store, Acoustic Wallpaper 3in1 can be processed anywhere.

For your product presentation we offer you a unique opportunity.
The X Curve, an innovation in lighting technology, makes your products look like in glossy campaigns and offers a spectacular shopping experience.
As counter, Herozone or in the shop window, the curved, backlit, interchangeable picture frame display has a sales-promoting effect.

Do you have walls, corridors or toilets without windows? Skywindow light, the ultra-flat LED design lamp, offers you the opportunity to conjure up a pleasant atmosphere in these rooms with natural window views.

For special offers, for example in the checkout area or for navigation in the store, we recommend our Skywindow light table! The eye-catcher is perceived by the customers and your message for the purchase of goods is read. The films can be changed in seconds.

We are happy to support your architects and interior decorators in finding motifs and individual designs for your furnishings.
We have already prepared motifs for all products. You can also send us your photos for further processing.

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