Kids and Youngsters

Kindergarten, school, boarding school – Acoustic Wallpaper3in1 and Skywindow light are great solutions wherever rooms in a child’s environment need to be acoustically corrected and influence the well-being of children with a calming, motivating atmosphere.
Positive motifs and calming light can, for example, contribute to making children and carers feel safe and secure in dining rooms and bedrooms, classrooms, corridors or stairwells.Where walls are subject to heavy loads, for example in playrooms, corridors and gymnasiums, Acoustic Wallpaper3in1 offers additional wall protection.

Do you have walls, hallways or toilets without windows? Skywindow light, the ultra-flat LED design lamp, offers you the possibility to conjure up a pleasant atmosphere in these rooms with natural window views.

We would be pleased to support your architects and interior designers in finding the right motif and individual design for your interior. We have already prepared motifs for all products. You can also send us your photos for further processing.

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