Sports halls, stadiums, studios – Acoustic Wallpaper 3in1 is the perfect solution wherever rooms need to be acoustically corrected in a sports environment and people’s well-being needs to be influenced by a motivating, inspiring atmosphere.
 Acoustic Wallpaper 3in1 offers you the unique opportunity to create your own individual wall design, to create worlds of experience and to communicate your philosophy, culture and team spirit. Motivating pictures, photos, logos, CI emphasizing elements or simple wall materials such as concrete, wood, bricks and all colours are possible. Be bold and go for gold.
 Acoustic Wallpaper 3in1 offers additional wall protection where walls are subject to heavy traffic, such as cabins, stairways or training halls.
Whether competition venues, spectator areas, VIP lounges, fan shops, wellness areas or gastronomic facilities, Acoustic Wallpaper 3in1 can be processed anywhere.

Do you have walls, corridors or toilets without windows? Skywindow light, the ultra-flat LED design lamp, offers you the possibility to create a pleasant atmosphere in these rooms with natural window views.

We are happy to support your architects and interior decorators in finding the right motif and individual design for your interior.
We have already prepared motifs for all our products. You can also send us your photos for further processing.

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