Our idea

The world we live in is often loud and fast. We humans are confronted and challenged with a lot of information, constantly changing images and permanent communication.
We at the x large image have therefore designed products that give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in oases of peace and relaxation at any time and thus take a break from our noisy digital environment.


Our design products are designed by us for you or we help you to realize your idea of a very individual oasis of peace. The articles are the opposite of the digital world in their design and functionality.

Acoustic Wallpaper 3in1,

is an individually designed wallpaper that meets the highest demands on aesthetics and design. It not only offers the eye relaxation, but also absorbs noise and creates a very pleasant and quiet room climate. Noisy places become oases.

Skywindow Light,

is a light source, which simulates the favorite view from the window into nature, on the sea or other beautiful things. This design element quickly creates a relaxed atmosphere in a room. The pleasant light of the Skywindow light lifts the feeling of well-being and the mood.

Who’s behind this?
Ralf Uhler, CEO of x-large-image

Ralf is a photographer, designer and cosmopolitan. He has lived from New York to Ibiza and knows the volume of our world from numerous international projects. He develops products & campaigns and organizes exhibitions & art projects.


Olaf Fetzer, CSO & CMO of x-large-image

Olaf is marketing, sales and traveler. In the last 25 years he has worked out and experienced hundreds of fast and loud promotions & projects in international corporations.


Both of us are united by the fact that during the fast years of our lives we were daily searching for beautiful and quiet places where we could recover from hectic & stress.
In order to make this search easier for all of you, we have developed products over the last two years which bring a beautiful atmosphere into everyday life through acoustics & light.